Extending the web with open technologies.

Standards The Portable Context is defined by its format and protocols and may be implemented in any language on any platform. The Portable Context API defines REST and Javascript function calls for managing internal, client-side operations and interactions with servers. Client-side context-aware applications can be written in HTML, javascript, CSS, and RDF. These client-side applications can be loaded by users and given full access to the individual's Portable Contexts and the client-side interface.

Platforms The first Portable Context client will be available for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additional platforms will be supported in the future and we look forward to working with others to develop additional interoperable implementations.

License The client software and a reference implementation of the server will be released under a dual GPL / MIT license. SwitchBook also offers open source production grade servers under commercial and educational licenses. A feed from SwitchBook's recommendation engine is also available on a licensed, revenue share basis for partners with client-side implementations. The standards for the Portable Context will be managed under precepts of the Open Web Foundation, including the OWFa and CLA 1.0.